icons stitch2STITCH 

An advanced 5D pre-stack regularisation and interpolation routine, that employs the POCS (position on convex surface) and IGR (Iterative Greedy Radon) algorithms in a ‘smart’ cascade.  It can successfully infill even large (7-10 trace) gaps in complex data, resulting in a higher fidelity, clearer pre-stack migrations.
SRME3D iconSRME3D A true 3D SRME modelling package that uses full 3D interpolation-on-the-fly to create an accurate model of the multiple, including 3D cross-line effects over multiple sail-lines.  3DSRME outputs modelled traces at the same location as the raw input seismic.
IMAGE_K3T iconIMAGE_K3T An advanced Kirchhoff 3D pre-stack time migration with full curved-ray and anisotropic options coupled with high fidelity anti-alias operators.
OCTAVE iconOCTAVE A broadband deghosting tool that is designed to extend the usable bandwidth of a marine seismic dataset.  Octave uses a constrained planar deconvolution in the FX domain to correct for the low- and high-frequency “ghost notches” as a result of the cable tow depth.  Octave is effective for constant and varying tow depths.


Complements Current Capabilities

Our stand-alone iMage platform is a group of four, high-performance, parallel, seismic processing algorithms that operate alongside your existing seismic processing solutions. The iMage algorithms obtain higher quality results using less computer resources creating superior results faster. 

Simple To Use

The iMage Suite is designed to be simple to use so staff can focus on the geophysics, not learning software. The algorithms are run from a simple three-step (Scan-Prep-Run) interface with:

  • data checking
  • smart parameter defaults
  • prevention of running with inappropriate parameters
  • queue detection
  • “parallel engine” – intelligent workload distribution
  • runtime bar
  • logging window to highlight any required action

No database import or SEGY configuration is needed, iMage algorithms read and write SEGY revision 1.
All of the iMage algorithms are also deployed as part of our full sesismic processing suite, and as such have be developed with our existing GLOBE Claritas™ clients 

Parallel Performance

Scaling in parallel will always depend on the data and the system, however algorithms of the iMage platform have been run across thousands of cores with linear scalability. At the heart of iMage is our unique “Parallel Engine” that is designed to make optimal use of any cluster system, even if the cluster nodes have different specifications. 


Follow the links below to find out more:

iMage Overview (PDF 7.43MB)


STITCH example

SRME3D example

IMAGE_K3T example

OCTAVE example

(the above examples are probably best viewed in Firefox or Chrome)


Check out the GLOBE Claritas YouTube channel to see just how easy it is to use the iMage Suite, the OCTAVE algorithm and the STITCH algorithm in a couple of short demos.



The iMage Suite is licenced as a single package – you get all four algorithms, licensed to run on blocks of 256 cores. We have a flexible combination of licencing models to suit your needs: 

  • purchase a licence in full (support optional)
  • subscribe on an annual basis
  • pay–as–you-go, monthly lease on demand