Are you paying for Maintenance, or Support?

 Get more for less

"Maintenance" is paying to preserve something (i.e. keep it the same).

"Support" is paying for help towards growth and going further!



GLOBE Claritas support is about much more than reply emails to technical questions. We provide:



We will help you and your business to connect, build, and grow!




WOW! I am so impressed with GLOBE Claritas! The speed with which you respond to, and solve, problems is unparalleled. I'll be singing your praise to anyone willing to listen. You rock!


The fast response time to my questions is really appreciated and rather refreshing compared to what I have had to deal with lately.


I really appreciate all your help. I continue to be impressed by the excellent service and support you have provided.


Wow! I have been told that you guys are great at supporting the customers, if this is any indication we are going to have lots of fun together.




Is this a trade-up deal…but without the trade?

Yes exactly. Keep your existing software. Gain access to new features, steady and stable development, and excellent support from our software. Pay the same amount you were already paying.

What do I need to provide to get this deal?

The most recent invoice from your current seismic processing software provider, as proof of your ongoing maintenance payments. For this amount, we will craft an equivalent GLOBE Claritas™ offering.

What if I decide to stop paying for your software at some point after the initial payment?

That will be easy to accommodate, but please be aware that you will no longer be able to access GLOBE Claritas™. However, if you continue to pay for up to five (5) consecutive years, you can then stop paying and get to keep the software.

When are your licenses issued?

Software license keys are issued annually (after payment in full has been received).

Can I pay via instalments?

Unfortunately not, payment in full is required before a software license key will be issued.


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